Cleveland Plus Industry Clusters

America’s innovators, entrepreneurs and business giants built the Cleveland Plus region to take advantage of our central location to US and Canadian markets. Then and now, the region is home to many of the world’s largest Fortune 500 businesses. This heritage made  us the inventor of liquid crystal displays, the best at bypass surgeries and the nation’s leader in polymers, plastics and chemicals. This heritage left 30 colleges and universities developing next generation technologies and 175,000 degree-seeking innovative minds; a highly productive 2 million strong workforce with Midwest values and work ethic; and a fundamental ability to produce and distribute products worldwide cost-effectively. Today, we leverage these roots to expand into emerging markets.

Aerospace and Aviation

Since World War I, when Northeast Ohio became a major player in producing aircraft engine parts, our region has been integral to aerospace-related industries. Today, aerospace and aviation represent an $8 billion cluster in the Cleveland Plus region, which has become a major hub for aerospace component design, engineering and production. Businesses that locate in Northeast Ohio are supported by R&D, education and training resources, including the NASA Glenn Research Center and the Ohio Aerospace Institute, and join a network of thousands of aerospace manufacturers and suppliers.

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Northeast Ohio offers an ideal environment for automotive businesses. With a long history of automotive manufacturing excellence, the Cleveland Plus region provides outstanding access to:

  • Talent - Cleveland Plus is home to a talented pool of more than two million workers, including more than 23,000 trained automotive workers in the motor vehicles, parts and body manufacturing sectors.
  • Supply Chain - From raw materials to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), you can access the entire automotive supply chain. Ohio is home to 19 OEMs and 26 Tier 1 suppliers with 500 or more employees. Nearly 10% of all Tier 1 auto suppliers are located in Ohio. That's second to only Michigan in the US*.
  • Customers - Reach major markets in both the US and Canada via an exceptional distribution infrastructure, which includes five interstate highways, three Class I railroads, nine deepwater ports and two major commercial airports.
  • Foreign trade zones (FTZs) - Two FTZs offer global shippers significant savings and have helped Ohio achieve the number-one ranking nationwide in number of exporting companies. *Source: Ohio Department of Development 2011

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The biomedical industry is a driving force in the Cleveland Plus region. With more than 700 biomedical facilities, 60 hospitals - including the Cleveland Clinic - 230,000 healthcare and bioscience workers, outstanding manufacturing capabilities, and billions of dollars in private and public investment, the area has become the location of choice for biomedical businesses.

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Food Processing

Northeast Ohio is home to a thriving cluster of food processing companies that provide food and beverage products to consumers worldwide. With more than 370 processing and manufacturing establishments (including PepsiCo, H.J. Heinz, Nestlé USA and J.M. Smucker), a trained talent pool of nearly 18,000 food manufacturing and production workers, easy access to raw materials and suppliers, and an abundant supply of fresh water from Lake Erie, the Cleveland Plus® region has become the location of choice for food processing businesses.

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Instruments, Controls and Electronics (ICE)

Cleveland Plus is positioned to support the Instruments, Controls and Electronics (ICE) high-tech industry through our engineering and manufacturing resources, tech-savvy workforce and innovative programs. Our programs include Ohio Third Frontier, which promotes economic growth by funding new-product development.

With more than 435 ICE companies employing more than 17,300 workers, Northeast Ohio ranks 17th among USA Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in terms of employment in this industry.

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Medical Devices

Cleveland Plus has a substantial and growing number of medical device companies across a wide spectrum of applications.  We're home to nearly 400 medical device companies, with strong clusters in medical imaging, neurostimulation, orthopedics and cardiovascular. Major medical device companies such as Philips, GE Healthcare, Steris and Hitachi all have headquarters here.

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Metal Production and Fabrication

The Cleveland Plus region is an ideal environment for metal production and fabrication companies. Our region offers an exceptional distribution infrastructure, a relatively low cost of doing business and a talented, dedicated workforce of more than 106,000 individuals trained in metal production and fabrication. With more than 3,400 establishments - AK Steel, ArcelorMittal, Diebold, Parker Hannifin, Swagelok, Tata Steel and Timken, to name a few - representing this industry across every link in the supply chain, Northeast Ohio offers opportunities for building mutually beneficial partnerships that can help your business thrive.

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Minority-Owned Businesses

Cleveland Plus offers an ideal environment for minority* businesses. With a robust, $181 billion economy, this 18-county region is globally recognized for its supportive business network, logistics infrastructure, skilled workforce, corporate-friendly tax structure, low cost of doing business and exceptional quality of life. Locating your business in the Cleveland Plus region enables you to:

  • Participate in emerging and growing industries
  • Recruit an outstanding workforce
  • Access major markets readily
  • Move goods with ease
  • Connect to a robust supply chain
  • Capitalize on low business taxes and competitive state incentives

*Minority business is defined as all ethnicities and women.

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Oil and Gas

The Cleveland Plus region is ideally situated above large oil and gas deposits in the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations. With more than 25 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas and 7 billion barrels of oil, the region is experiencing sustained economic growth from the lucrative wet gases of the Utica formation.

Ohio is already home to more than 17,000 oil and gas workers who support more than 64,000 wells, which generate nearly $1 billion in gross state product annually. The Northeast Ohio region has recently emerged as the most active area in the US.

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Polymers and Materials

The Cleveland Plus region is an ideal environment for polymer and materials companies with outstanding access to customers, suppliers and financial resources. Our polymer and materials cluster is thriving as companies around the globe discover our unwavering commitment to this industry and its related strategic industries - electronics, energy, automotive, biomedical, construction, manufacturing, communications, food processing and more.

We connect world-class materials research with business assets that enable the development and manufacture of products in global demand.

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